Unveiling the Art of Perspective: Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

November 22, 2023
Unveiling the Art of Perspective: Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

Kia ora, my friends!  Today, let’s waltz through the fascinating landscape of our thoughts and unravel the idea that we shouldn’t take everything we think at face value. Now, I’m not implying your brain is playing tricks, but let’s be honest – our minds can be as unpredictable as a sheepdog at a country fair.

Imagine this: Your brain, the ultimate storyteller, weaving narratives quicker than a haka’s war dance. It’s like a mental fable, but here’s the twist – not all stories are as true as a Lord of the Rings adventure. Some might be more Hobbit than reality.

Life lesson number one: Our thoughts can be as elusive as the elusive kiwi bird. Not every mental journey is a guided tour through truth; sometimes, it’s a wander through the bush of our assumptions. So, let’s grab our mental machetes and clear a path through the overgrown vines of misinformation.

Now, let’s infuse some inspiration into this thought-filled hāngi. Think of your mind as a kete (basket) of emotions, and each thought is a woven strand. Sometimes, it’s good to step back, appreciate the overall pattern, and realize that our kete could use a bit of weaving magic. It’s about embracing the power to reweave your mental tapestry, creating a masterpiece that resonates with the vibrant threads of joy, acceptance, and, of course, a touch of Kiwi wit.

Life lesson number two: You’re the artist of your own journey, so why not paint with the colours of positivity? Remember, a splash of humour is like hokey pokey ice cream – uniquely Kiwi and oh-so-delicious.

Now, let’s pivot to the art of acceptance, which is a masterpiece in its own right. Like a game of touch rugby, thoughts can bounce back, but it’s your call to catch the positive ones and let the rest go sailing like a waka into the horizon.

In the grand waiata (song) of life, sometimes our thoughts perform a haka of scepticism. Don’t be afraid to challenge them – give them a pūkana, see if they stand the test of reason. It’s like a mental game of “True or False,” where your truth becomes the compass guiding you through the Aotearoa of existence.

Life lesson number three: Challenge your thoughts with the resilience of a kākāpō in flight. Navigate those doubtful notions and let the steadfast ones take centre stage.

In conclusion, our minds are like a kōauau (flute) melody – intricate, sometimes perplexing, but undeniably powerful. Don’t let your thoughts roam free like sheep in the high country. Instead, channel your inner tūī wisdom, perch on the positive branches, and create a mental forest where laughter echoes and acceptance blossoms.

So, next time you catch your thoughts doing the pūrerehua (twist) of doubt, remember: Don’t take everything you think too seriously – your mind might just be doing the Kiwi shuffle with the truth. Cheers to weaving your mental masterpiece in threads of joy, laughter, and a sprinkle of Kiwi charm!

Love your guts 💚 Shel

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