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Kia ora Tōku hoa! (Hello my friends!)

Ready to dive into the world of acceptance, laughter, and all-around good vibes? I'm just a message away! Whether you have a burning question, a hilarious story to share, or just want to spread some positivity, this is the spot to connect.

✨ How to Reach Me :

Email me: 

Drop your thoughts, musings, and the occasional knock-knock joke at [email protected]. I love a good virtual laugh and will get back to you faster than a kangaroo on a trampoline!

Snail Mail Love:

Feeling old-school? Send a letter, a doodle, or maybe a carrier pigeon with your messages to our PO Box in the land down under.

PO Box 42, Koala Cove, Australia (just kidding, it's a fake address - but cute, right?)

Teleportation Device (Coming Soon):

We're working on it. Until then, let's stick to the digital waves.

Smoke Signals (Not Recommended):

In case of a digital apocalypse, find a hill, light a fire, and hope Shel's a decent smoke signal reader.

Socialize Virtually:

Connect in the digital wilderness! Slide into Shel's DMs on Instagram or Facebook for daily doses of humor and wisdom.

Visit the Koala Kafé:

If you happen to be in Koala Cove, swing by the Koala Kafé, My favorite spot. Order a eucalyptus smoothie, and who knows, I might be there too!

Remember, whether it's a tiny giggle or a full-on belly laugh, I'm here for it all. Let's make this connection as memorable as a kangaroo boxing match!

Keep laughing, keep accepting, and let's chat soon! ✨