Love and Laughter: A Kiwi Journey in the Land of the Long White Cloud

October 12, 2023
Love and Laughter: A Kiwi Journey in the Land of the Long White Cloud

πŸ’šKia ora! Here's a mind-blowing statement! 

"In the weave of love and the laughter of humour, we find the true magic of life, where the extraordinary thrives in the ordinary moments." πŸ’«πŸ’–πŸͺΆ

Well, it blows my mind...not in a 'brains start dripping out through orifices in any kind of way' but more in an "oh shut' yeah I can totally relate and's just true! 

Don't get me wrong, relationships can be a mixed bag of all sorts. It's like we play an orchestra with our feelings, we project on each other, and sometimes we do dumb 'shut' too! In a nutshell, it's all about learning and creating our place in life.. and with each other. Fun, ay? 😏

ooohh , I'm feeling like a story coming...  let's see..

In the enchanting land of the long white cloud (Aotearoa, can feel like that!)  where the rolling hills met the endless ocean, there lived a couple named Aroha and Hemi. They embodied the spirit of their Māori ancestors, embracing love and humour in their relationship.

Aroha and Hemi believed that love was like a kete, a traditional woven flax basket, strong and enduring. They knew that the kai, or sustenance, inside the kete was humour, the nourishment that kept their bond vibrant. Pretty romantic so far I reakon. 😁

One day, as they dawdled through the lush native forest, Aroha playfully tripped on a tree root (to be honest she may have said "ow, 'shut'!" but then got over it pretty quick!), and Hemi pretended to be a mischievous taniwha lurking nearby. They burst into laughter, their love glowing as bright as the land of the long white cloud itself.

Their kete of love was always full, brimming with shared jokes and playful banter. They danced under the stars, their laughter like a sweet melody (kind of like a true Reggae song! 🀟 ( ahh, those were the days..) 😏 , a testament to the strength of their relationship.

Like any journey, their path had its storms too. The thunders of tension, they would pause, take a breath, and share a joke. The humour would weave its magic, and the clouds would part, allowing their love to shine through once more.

Their friends often asked them, "What's the secret to your happiness?" Aroha and Hemi would simply smile and say, "In the land of the long white cloud, we know that love is like a kete, and humour is the kai inside. Keep the kete full, and your relationship will flourish!"

Aroha and Hemi proved that a basket woven with love and filled with humour could weather any storm, creating their love story. The end. 

So there you have it. Remember to celebrate the lightheartedness of our relationships, where laughter and connection thrive. 

Have the most amazing day for you! Love your guts, Shel πŸ’š

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