Cutting Room Floor

I have many hats that I wear. I get frustrated, sad, happy, silly, quiet, angry, and many more emotions. I’m not always perfect; actually, never perfect. This website isn’t just for you, or me providing a place for you to gain resources and knowledge on certain subjects, but it’s also about me: my personal growth, a place for me to talk about things I care about and a place to be real. This will be the area that doesn’t mean much of anything to anybody, but it’s just life – mine – just like my hair, messy and all!

There will be videos and pictures and stories and more from the “Cutting Room Floor”. Come here occasionally if you just don’t want to have to think, want to see other people’s messed up lives, want to see the perfectly imperfect, being silly, struggling, having strange conversations with their children, and who knows what else!

Thank you for visiting! ~ Joy

Bloopers from vlog #10 – I have a lot of those…

Embrace Your Crazy

Behind the Scenes…of my life!

Product Testing – Yeah, I did that….Can you say awkward?